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Long Age Must Tally With Good Deeds!

Abdur Rahman Odoi Anum Pobee



Photo credit: Confidence Timpo

What is the essence of long age without being welcomed to Paradise? While this multi-billion question is still unanswered, you would still hear people pontificating that they are enjoying life or have really enjoyed it to its fullest. This is the unknown and absurdly ominous perception of mankind which was programmed by the corrupted civilization! You would only enjoy this life to its least and not the fullest. An everlasting enjoyment is that which awaits us aftermath of death. The life of Paradise transcends the pomp and glitter of this transient life. It is very cheering to see it written boldly on an obituary ‘99 years old’ [Dead but not forgotten], basically to ignite an inundated euphoria that the person’s death was a real deserving one! Sometimes, transition is another appendage that follows to  make us believe that all is well with the soul of the departed person!

Little have we ever bothered our conscience with the real eternal peace of those whose lifetime are prolonged as they passed away at a very old age? Some of them died at an old age but their time and stayed on earth was classified by the two ‘Ws’ [wretched and wasteful]! Imaging a young boy passes away at the age of 21 but had done all that is required of him by the Supreme Being and simultaneously, an old man also died at the age of 90, after having flouted almost all the necessary chances he had to depict a goodly life! Amid the two candidates, whose death should be rejoiced or probably would held a meaning? Do not let the figures dilute your judgement; how old was Jesus (as) when he was crucified or killed per the Bible and where did he end up at? King Herod’s age could also be considered and that of Nebuchadnezzar, they had all the breathing moments, yet they died as tyrannical oppressors and rogues!

The point is that we have broken all the religious structures left for us by the able Prophets. And that is why most of us are into an apocryphal religious life. So, aging has become a measure of success and ingenuity in this life of ours. Long age could be defined as an opportunity that when grabbed and work accordingly, Allah would raise your status in Paradise, otherwise it is one of the liabilities! The basic credence of life itself is a transition to the perennial abode prepared for the righteous. If you could not fulfil the purpose of life which is nothing other than being dutiful to your Lord, irrespective of the age you are slashed on this earth, it becomes a useless one after death has shoved you precipitately into your grave. One day in the presence of our Lord is far superior to the 70 years accorded for man’s temporal stay on this earth. Age counts not but good deeds count, which is why if you are a young man, you must need be ready for the ‘inevitable and impromptus’ because it acts understandably!

Whenever you start aging and developing grey hair, never glory about the staggering figures and the supposedly white coloured hairs; however much sophisticatedly embellishing it may look. Mankind is like a corn in corn mill machine. The corns at the top think it would not get to their turn when the other corns are being grinded but the moment the grinder gets to it, it grinds it all! We should do more good deeds that if we are asked to count it, because of its immensity in commensuration to the word infinite, we would not be able to give any statistics. It shows that you aged with goodly deeds; age does not take you to heaven, but good deed does.

We do bemoan when death strikes suddenly because we know we have not put more act of goodness forth that would get us to be conveyed to bliss after death. And thus Allah said in [Qur’an 2:96]: “And you will most certainly find them the greediest of men for life (greedier) than even those who are polytheists; every one of them loves that he should be granted a life of a thousand years, and he being granted a long life will in no way remove him further off from the chastisement of hell, and Allah sees what they do”. If you want to do a falsification test for this verse, gather like twenty (20) people including young ones and old men and women; ask them that, who among them is ready for death now?

Remember that as long age has made you developed grey hairs; let your good deeds be much more than the grey hairs, for the only time long age would be meaningful is when it accedes with good deeds!

Your best friend ever. If you want to be successful in this life and the hereafter; prioritize Allah and live a moral life. Remember that there's grace in disgrace so don't be disgruntled...!

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Your Brother Must Be A True Reflection of You Beyond Any Mental Derailment

Abdur Rahman Odoi Anum Pobee



Photo credit: Confidence Timpoh

Our society is veering from its hospitable sense into breeding compatriots with a kind of heart harder than rocks! We see our brethren, known as drug dependants, standing but sleeping, and while walking, talking to no one except themselves! Also, yearning for Tramadol; an extra power just to cheat nature in doing what their natural strength could not do. Others have had a second look of their God given posture due to excessive intake of the Biblical mocker, alcohol! So what have we done with the limited resources we have at our disposal to attempt in getting things bridle, or because they are not bloody-related?

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Ideally, if we had taken our colouring from Allah it would have reoriented our mindset amicably towards the lack of interest we have developed in the affairs of our brethren from other mothers. I have learnt that Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said: “A believer is the mirror of his brother”! I was quiet optimistic to get this litmus test fulfilled, so I stood in front of a mirror; And, Oh, I saw no one but my very self! Then I comprehended the basic message, ‘I am and as a matter of fact to love everyone just as I love myself”. Words of Prophets are infallible unless one is suffering from a deliberate intellectual dishonesty and that, he believes not!

A mentally derailed man being neglected

Now that we are exposed to technology, even on our phones, we get to hear news of people suffering from all kinds of mental derailment, some are just an arm’s length away from us! We have neighbours who are drug addicts; weed smoking and lovers of cannabis, Tramadol enthusiasts and alcoholics of the kind, their amorality is so dreadful that dignifying their own conscience has become a turbulent! Okay, let us borrow the ‘Mirror Perspective’ in here, he is a reflection of me or you, right! The least we should do is to advise them but not to repel, this would serve as the first rehabilitation centre which is very scarce in Africa today. We have been bewitched by the advantages of the nuclear family and have let go of the extended family system which is known to us. So helping each other is now a taboo, especially, if the recipient is so far away from our gene, but immediately when he dies, we would exaggerate about his personal profile and send humongous amount of money to cater for his burial service! Instead of fraternizing with them, we rather mimicked the way they talked, walked and do slept while standing and gave them various names to suit our laughable interest! Yet, we see them as nuisance and liabilities, thus they have declined in the moral nuggets of self actualization and righteousness! No wonder, we are the angels of the 21st century, Ayekoo! We have forgotten that this unconcerned and hostile attitude of ours is a rather languishing factor to them which is inimical to their return to ‘home or common sense’!

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Many of us have penned down new resolutions already. It is my imploration that we would not forget to factor being caring to the said unfortunate people into it! We must revive our brothers who may have deplorably gone beyond the lowest ebb. You love yourself and, for that matter, you would not compromise falling short of the glory of God. How could you feel comfortable when your other self is going down? If you have bricks of wall where the next bricks are weak, automatically, the bricks would slid in utter ruin. That is the essence of Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) tradition which says that “you are a brick to another brother, supporting each other”. We must show unflinching support and love to those people without not only extending our time and conscious efforts to those among them stemming from rich homes!

Is it the society that has failed us or we have failed the society and ourselves? I would agree to the latter, the scriptures are impeccable but man is always in contention. As for the state, the least said, the better! Today, I have begun to see everyone as a true reflection of me; I will wish for him whatever goodness I prefer for myself, and callousness would be far-fetched of me; if you look at me, I will smile passionately in return to exemplify the togetherness of bricks entangled in a lofty construction. I will not be resentful but will feel your pain, accommodate your worries and keep my covenants to you, O my unfortunate brother!

The development of me must have a correlation to you and the society at large. Let us imbibe this Mirror Perspective into our life and from today we should be breast that apathy anywhere is a threat to sympathy everywhere!

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Do not be a self centered man only but love yourself and provide a livelihood for people around you. That makes you a better human!

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A Thoughtful Moment For A Jilted Man

Abdur Rahman Odoi Anum Pobee



Mr. in the wilderness

Every situation on this earth that comes our way has its own level of pertinence no matter how dreadful it might seem.

Some come and strips you from the hands of people you thoughtfully affectionate but they, ideally love you not; which you are arrogant of! When you are bedevilled and all alone, you may negate the intelligence of a seemingly destabilizing condition! And one of such is being denied love! Especially, a condition that most men strictly abhor! A test that tastes bad certain times and good most often to only a conscious mind!

Little do we know that loneliness attracts discernible thoughts and probably liberates and thus repel the mind from hazardous relationships! It even teaches great lessons to the soul that is ready to transform all its sorrows into happiness by inclining to a positive drive, and at the same time, forgetting the bruises and wounds it may have suffered from the hands of yesterday’s terrific situation which was spearheaded by thy fishwife! Never walk away from a condition without learning absolutely nothing from it. That, in the future, would be more excruciating than the previous Armageddon you have encountered because you have wilfully detached yourself from acquiring experience!

Making learning a priority is an appetite for a definite resolution, firmly triggering success, this is vital in the life of ours. And have in mind that no situation should penetrate your conscience and arouse any negligence of the sought. Make firm decision as a man and remain steadfast and visionary!

And let us not forget the famous Korean mores on common sense which says that “even a fish would not get into trouble if it kept its mouth shut”.

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NHIS To Have A Facelift As President Akuffo-Addo Launches Mobile Renewal Tomorrow

Abdur Rahman Odoi Anum Pobee



President Nana Akuffo-Addo

After being in existence [National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS)] for a decade and more, or precisely 15 years, it has evident that only 42% of compatriots of Ghana have signed unto the free health care service which the Republic of Ghana provides to its faithful citizens. Although it aims at giving a free medical delivery which is essential to man’s life, the scheme, in the days, has come under severe condemnations from the Ghanaian people. Some of these vituperations are that it does not cover most prescribed medicines, cannot settle the bills of certain laboratory tests, delay in registration, the period of its renewal and many more.

Sample: NHIS Card

President Nana Akuffo-Addo is said to launch the new service of Mobile Renewal of the National Health Insurance Scheme card to augment its services, and to subvert the very challenges subscribers undergo when their cards get expired. This eventful day is slated for tomorrow, 19th December, 2018.

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We are well assured that after the piloted project of this mobile renewal at West Mamprusi and Asuogyaman districts of the Northern and Eastern region went successfully, subscribers would now and after its launch, be alerted when their cards are getting nearer to expiration to be abreast that their cards could be deranged if they fail to renew. Renewal fees is been made simple for subscribers to use their mobile money accounts to do so. The launching of the project will start the  implementation of the electronic renewal of NHIS cards with a dedicated short code of [*929#] available on MTN, Vodafone, and AirtelTigo networks.

This means that citizens of Ghana could be at the office or on the comfort of their cozy beds and just dial the digits [*929#] and simply get their National Insurance Scheme Card renewed. There is no more need to waste productive hours to cue for  only a card renewal. Also, more workload is going to be lifted from the staffs of [NHIS], meaning that efficiency would be boasted.

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We [] wish the President of Ghana, Nana Akuffo-Addo a successful event tomorrow, and extend solemn thanks to the manager of the Obuasi branch of NHIS, Mr. Confidence Owusu Kontoh who made it fair seeming to the Public on December 4, 2018, of the Scheme’s offing initiative for introducing a mobile renewal.

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