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More Politicians Or Women In The Hell Fire; You Decide!

Abdur Rahman Odoi Anum Pobee



Hellfire in perspective

Without being judgemental but with a constructive undergird. After peeking through one of the paramount factors which would throw avalanches of women to hell fire, I was thrown into a state of wild-thoughts, and it was about women’s penchant for mostly spreading calumny, owing to gossip, and an immediate factor of the staggering number of women of the world’s population. “Majority of the inhabitants of hell fire would be women”, this is the riveting tradition of Prophet Muhammad [pbuh] which stoked the weirdest contemplation!

In hindsight, would it not be fair if we should say that the very next people to blister and burn furiously in the flames of hell fire are the unfaithful Politicians and their various apparatchiks of our time? It has become tacit without further attempt to debunk the motion that lies are the beacon of Politics in some parts of the world where justice is compromised and underdevelopment is widely spread and worshipped! Falsehood is the new trend in the arena of Power seeking and Politicians are eulogized for spreading deceit, and propagandist, as a trait, is the requisite skill for playing this game of Politics. After our ancestors have cautioned us about the ramification of lies, we seem unperturbed. So we often see the Power-Seeking people diluting we the next generation to show rectitude, but looking at the magnitude of the widespread of lies now a days, we are forced to believe that the very elite are those peddling deceit by the help of Politics and, either white-collar job which we seek or the gullible nature of the black man! Recently, youthful exuberance is also highly directed to singing campaign songs, siding with all sought of nonessential dissents and roaring for the myopic cum partisan ideologies which one’s Political party may have delved into. That said, all these endeavours are to solicit for votes from the educated iliterate and obnoxious illiterate which have been sugar-coated with wanton and fabricated lies churned out by the Political gurus!

With the aforementioned tradition as the preamble, I believe in the highest esteem that the catchword ‘Politics’ would be the rope to be used in dragging most Politicians to hell because of their nonchalance for trustworthiness. The Political business is thriving as well as the number of Politicians is rapidly booming, and so ‘spreading lies’ have become unbridled! With this frenzy trait, we have proven all the nuggets of freedom and fair Politics bred by Yaa Asantewaa and other great warriors who contributed copiously in diverse ways for securing mother Ghana wrong!

Oh, our dear women, we have gone far away from the days that we have to walk and wait in a confined place to spew balderdash about other females, to gossip in this current time, is very easy; just by our phone, we do gossip, so let us be mindful so that we shall not be assorted with those whose defiances have gone beyond epidemic level. Never forget that whenever your actions are dastardly corroborating the lies which have been foretold by your mother-Political-Party, just be mindful of what you are sowing because your attitude would always determine your altitude…!

The fray has been unleashed, if you are a Politician and a faithful one, then to God be the glory. But, if you are a Power-Seeking individual and being tagged as a ‘Poli-tricktion’, be abreast that you are destined to compete with majority of women who would enter into hell fire. The choice is yours, so you decide!

Your best friend ever. If you want to be successful in this life and the hereafter; prioritize Allah and live a moral life. Remember that there's grace in disgrace so don't be disgruntled...!

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Random Thoughts & Opinions

Where You Focus Matters

Abdur Rahman Odoi Anum Pobee



Photo credit: Confidence Timpoh

Have you mistakenly forgotten that the next person that knows you best is Yourself, after our Lord? Pay no attention to people who believe not in your projections – that is only if you are on the right path! When a farmer picks his tools immediately day breaks and advances to the farmland to harvest or cultivate, his thoughts are only on how to feed his family back home and get some extra farm products to sell. Any other obstacle on his way would be surely cut off! In effect, always lower your eyes to those whose wish is to impede your aspirations.

You would definitely veer off the road if you are not focused

Whenever you envisioned towing a road leading to success, be bent on that desire and eschew from doing things for peoples’ sake! The world of today is such that most men are very arrogant and ungrateful. When you are extremely kind to them they would either misconstrue your benevolence as an effort of ingratiation or term you as a man of show-off. That is why you must focus on nothing but meeting your goals aptly. Only do things to accelerate your soul on the path of righteousness and productivity.

That’s a confused man

Know your limits and where you are going and what you are towing. If it is walking that would get you there, just walk and focus on the road but not the passers-by. And if you have to run to get there, run, but do not yearn to fly over any offing trouble, you definitely need the stumbling blocks to make you resilient after reaching your peak.

In all these, be faithful to yourself. At this stage of our life we must not behave as if we are older than our age, oh, young men and women. If you are learning a trade focus on your trade. If you are schooling, focus on your books because where you focus matters! This will emancipate you from the bondage of failure in the future.

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Random Thoughts & Opinions




Aggrieved woman

In most parts of the world, injustices towards women are however substantially larger than the injustices towards men. Thus overall, in a global perspective, there is no doubt that women are being treated unfairly in many situations” by Eivind Kjorstad. It always looks so strange to me as to how the world seems so bias towards women in many situations.

In doing a little analysis on issues concerning men and women, I realized women are been unfairly treated in so many ways. You could see a 76 year old man marrying a 26 year old lady and it seems normal to people but when a lady reaches the age 36 without a man in her life, she is tagged as an old lady and the young energetic men are running away from her. And this suggests that the older a man becomes, the higher the number of ladies available for him but the vice versa that the older a lady becomes the fewer the number of guys available for her, doesn’t this look unfair? The most annoying thing that always happens is when a married man is caught in bed with another woman by his wife, she is been advised by many to forgive him and move on as if she has no feelings. Conversely, when a married woman is caught in bed with another man, the husband is advised to send her packing by his family, friends or relatives. But when you want to talk about these things you will see some men defending this unfair treatment of ladies with the idea that men are polygamous in nature. And it always seems funny to me how these men will hide under polygyny to do these things. Polygamy is different from adultery and they don’t go together. To me personally, adultery is a problem and polygamy is its solution so using polygamy to justify adultery is ignorance at its best. Some men have actually misused their power as men or leaders.

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A man divorces his wife today and the next day he is with another lady, six months later he is married, whiles this divorced woman is labeled a divorcee who cannot stay with a man and she is seen remaining single for many years. Is this fair or unfair? Another thing that I always find difficult to understand is, when a woman loses her husband to death and remarries after one year; you will see people complaining here and there that she remarries too early. Some even go to the extent of criticizing her of sleeping with that man even when her husband was alive. Some will also suggest she killed her husband so that she can remarry that man and this is how the society makes it look like. And finally when a man has a good car, he is seen as a marriageable man and women push their daughters to him but again, when a lady is having a good car, you see men shying away from her and she is labeled as not good for marriage because she is the “high class type”.

This is the kind of society we live in…

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Random Thoughts & Opinions

The Tragedy Of African Continent




Most often than not, I always ask myself whether we still have African men amongst us? What I mean is that, a typical African man, who dresses, talks, eats and who is of himself and has his or her pure African cultures. are there still these type of people in this our contemporary world? Yes of course we can still find some minority tribes in some African countries like Kenya, South Africa, Sudan and many others, but with these minority tribes too are also at the verge of extinction and very soon they will vanish literally but the majority of us only call ourselves African because we are blacks and find ourselves in the continent. To me personally I believe most of us are only Africans literally and I will bring some points that shows we are no more pure Africans except just the name and I will mostly base my argument on our dressing, talking, relationship, food, tools etc.

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Firstly when we talk of our dressing , most of us will accept that we don’t patronize our African heritage at all, when it comes to what we wear, but the most worrisome thing is about our African leaders who even preach to us every day about patronizing the made in Africa wears are not even patronizing it, even schools in African don’t even promote their cloths because most schools follow the other continents dressing forcing students to stick in with ties as if Africans don’t have dresses that can be uniformly worn by the students. its worrying to not know that when any African president or leader is about to leave to the European continent he or she tries to dress to look like an European just to tell and show how important their cloths are, so any time I see our leaders talking about regaining the pure African continent,I feel sad and annoyed. Trust me these things are all part of the of the African under development.

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One of the most strange and annoying part of we Africans is that, we have left our acts and beautiful ways we used to relate with each other and adopted a new ways of relationship that is more like a class or a social status where those who are educated by the western school system see themselves as more knowledgeable and superior to those who did not sit in the western and formal classrooms to study the Whiteman’s theories, ideas and cultures which most of them are “nonsense” to us. Please I don’t want my readers to misunderstand me, I am not in any way saying the Whiteman’s school is bad NO, Of course the Whiteman’s formal school has brought a lot of development to the African continent in all sectors health, infrastructure,communication, transportation, knowledge, agriculture, and these things are undeniable facts but let’s consider certain things before we conclude on how important this Whiteman’s school is important to the African continent, looking at the olden African continent you will realize that all these sectors were also taken care of, by the Africans themselves, health, disease and other sickness were easily cured without going through any complex ways. women were able to deliver at very complex situations. From the infrastructural aspect you will realize that Africans were able to also establish their buildings , roads, without anybody’s help, anytime I think of infrastructural development a good example that always come to mind is the Egyptian Pyramids, the Ethiopian Yeha temple, these are buildings that shows Africans would have been able to work towards their infrastructural development without sitting in the Whiteman’s classrooms to acquire knowledge.

In addition, communication is never left out. When it comes to the communication aspect, you will find out communication tools, such as drums, flutes, whistles and these were used to communicate perfectly and there was no difficulties involved, transportation wasn’t a problem as far as Africans in the olden days were concerned. They used to travel with their houses, donkeys and other animals, when it comes to knowledge I don’t even want to go there because we have failed in knowledge in the sense that our knowledge acquired from the White-man’s school has caused a lot of harm to us. it has introduced to us nuclear family, better ways of stealing from the poor and greed has poisoned our souls. Our so called knowledge acquired from the White-man’s school has made us cynical; we tend to be clever, hard and unkind. African agricultural system was very affordable without heavy machinery and other complex practices, but there used to get food in abundance, hunger wasn’t there like today, but today we have machines that produce more than enough foods but people are dying every day out of hunger, then you ask what is the importance of these machines that produces in abundance while leaving us in wants.

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Yes I know somebody might argue that, all these points you have mentioned was just in the past which is different from today because population has increased to its peak and Africans couldn’t have been able still depend on these aforementioned to survive which is a genuine argument but let’s not forget that was their beginning so as time goes on they would have also developed to the highest level like the European continent, I know others will read this article and have so many critics to it but surely the best person that will be able to analyze this article perfectly will a pure African man, because for us we aren’t Africans. The reason why I believe we are no more Africans Is that our minds have been polluted by the White-man’s school so we now see almost everything about the African culture to be bad, even among us who try to be like an African man is seen as an archaic and primitive being, for me I will say we cannot get back our cultural heritage as far as Africa is concerned in the sense that, our level of Afrocentrism is reducing at a faster rate and our generation to come will not even call themselves Africans except Black Americans.

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In conclusion you will find out from the analysis above that we those who call ourselves Africans do so just because we have found ourselves in the African continent and we are blacks, if not our mindset, dressing, talking, relationship, eating, and our way of life is just like that of the Europe continent. we have devalued our culture to the least point, we see ourselves as slaves to other people, we are always waiting for someone to help us and most people will attribute this problems to colonialism which I find it very difficult to understand, because somebody can force you to do everything but nobody on this earth can force you to look down upon yourself, except you are willing……

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